Meet The Officials

To most of you all that have been willing to meet the YUNG ZEELEE MD BLOG administrators, here is a list of our officials working everyday to keep you all entertained.
NOTE: Anyone not on this list is not by any chance an admin of this site and does not have anything to do with this blog,

The Officials:


Ganiyu Razak
He is a young and talented grafix designer and one of the official of this blog. He derives satisfaction from designing and also behind the grafix of this blog. He is also the C.E.O of RAZAK ART DESIGNS. GANIYU A. RAZAK is a professional graphic artist
based in Ikorodu, Lagos state. I specialize on corporate Identity (logo) designs, business card designs, corporate branding, album covers, and lots more. So therefore I try as much as possible to have a good understanding of your
purpose before getting to do your work. I love
graphic designing. I enjoy the challenges of creating the most unique “designs” to match your taste. It is your imagination, I must design it. So help me God.

Connect with Ganiyu Razak:
Email: or
Twitter: Ask
Facebook: Ganiyu Razak
IG: Ask
Phone No: 08180925767, 08028519566

Works At
Razak Art Designs
Providing innovative Graphics
Graphics is Life


Eminex Dwayne

He is a young grafix designer, social media expert. Eminex is also behind the grafix of these blog.
Derives satisfaction by designing.

Connect with Eminex Dwayne:
Email: Ask
Twitter: Eminex40
Facebook: Eminex Dwayne
IG: Eminexdwayne40
Phone No: 0808 802 2621

Works at Royal Gang Entertainment


Osisanwo Azeez Adebowale aka Yung ZEELEE MD

He is a young, skilled and talented guy. A computer engineer, Web designer, rapper, blogger.
He’s a music addict who loves to satisfy the online needs of Nigerians keeping them updated, educated and entertained through this blog being a co-owner.

Connect With Yung ZEELEE MD:
Twitter: @Yung_ZEELEE_MD
Facebook: Yung Zeelee MD Zillz
Phone No: 08074130688

Works at Acappella City Entertainment


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