No Peer Group Or Friends Pressurised Me To Leave YBNL – Lil Kesh

In a recent interview with Punch, Lil Kesh said no one
or peer group pressurized him to leave YBNL.
Kesh said,
“People are still getting it wrong; no peer group or
friends pressurised me to leave YBNL. To set the
record straight, I don’t move with any other crew
other than YBNL; so who would possibly want to
influence me? Nobody. It has always been Olamide’s
dream that we all grow big in the industry; Olamide
had shared the idea with me before I even thought of
it. I am still very much around in the industry and
good stuff is still going to come out from my stable
and YBNL.
“The fact that I am floating my own label does not
matter, neither does it mean that I am no longer
under YBNL. That is where a lot of people are getting
it wrong. Olamide and YBNL movement are still
managing me as an artiste and the fact that I have
my own label simply means that YAGI Records is
being managed by YBNL. We are still together; I and
Olamide still record in the same studio and work
with same set of producers. As you all know that
YBNL is a family thing and we all support one
another.” he concluded.


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Author: Yung Zeelee

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