See What A Blogger Posted On Facebook, Claims Young Comedian “Emmanuella” Is Dead

God Forbid Bad thing
The length some bloggers are going this days just to
get Traffic is terrible… Why wish the young talented
girl evil just to promote your own business? Too
According to the report by DJ Biggy, The Blogger
posted the Link on Facebook and even paid to
sponsor the news so it can go Viral.
Read below:-
I was surfing on facebook when i came across a
sponsored advert of a ‘news’ where a blogger
claimed our very own special Emmanuella is dead.
While some people were already offering their
condolences, others new that it was arrant
One would look at some pages and wonder how
hungry bloggers sleep well at night when they create
horrible stories in the name of driving traffic to their site. Tell me why entertainment bloggers will not be respected. It is not their fault though, the ability to create a blog has given people gut to spew thrash. We need to take this job serious, not just post to make money. God bless Emmaluella Fans. See the
post below:


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Author: Yung Zeelee

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